about us


Kevin Wolf

Kevin is a visual director based in San Francisco California. He began directing and editing professionally while still in film school at Chapman University. His work has been displayed on the front page of Reddit, National TV, Greek TV, Variety Magazine, and more.  He has collaborated and worked with public figures such as Richard Branson, Shaquille O'Neal, Nick Cannon, and much more. Among his music video endeavors Kevin is an avid world traveler. He travels the globe and always brings a camera documenting his travels.

Skills: Director, DP, Editor, Colorist


Kenneth Mang

Ken Mang is currently the CFO of Ground Effect, LLC, focusing on all financial and operational related aspects of the business. He is also an associate in the consumer investment banking group at Piper, providing investment banking and M&A advisory services to consumer companies. He has 4+ years of finance experience, having worked closely with several consumer businesses and executing numerous M&A, equity and debt transactions. Ken received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

Ben Ng

Ben Ng is an LA based designer and art director working in advertising. He is a talented motion designer with years of experience working in after effects in addition to some 3D and cel animation knowledge. He graduated from Dodge College of Film & Media Arts at Chapman University.


Eric Ward

Eric creates memorable content. He believes the most essential part of any form of creative work is the storyline and how it aligns with the brand. He tends to dabble with the newest tech, trends, and techniques to find an edge and turn some heads.

Skills: Creative Director, DP, Editor


Lilli Morgan

Lilli is an Ohioan-turned-Californian with a passion for impactful story telling. Starting her photography business at age 14, she has become skilled in client marketing, video and photo content creation, and business communication with an eye for influential visual imagery and design. Lilli will graduate from Santa Clara University with a degree in Communications, Retail Management, and Entrepreneurship.